Monday, July 6, 2009

What time is it?

A wristwatch is one of the most common accessories that men wear. But it wasn’t always that way. Prior to World War I, men carried pocket watches. Wristwatches on men were considered effeminate! But during WWI, battlefield conditions proved wristwatches to be much more practical than pocket watches. As a result, following the war the wearing of wristwatches by men became acceptable.
Now here’s an interesting observation: I read an article that said there’s a trend of people (and I’m one of them!) who forego their wristwatches in favor of cell phones as their time piece. It’s funny, every time I pull out my cell to check the time I’m reminded of my grandfather pulling out his pocket watch. I guess things do come full circle! And if they continue to cycle, maybe someday my grandson will look at his wrist-cell phone and remember his grandpa looking at his old fashioned wrist watch!

And here’s another legacy from World War I…
Today when something is “over the top” it means it is taken to excess. This expression actually comes from the trench warfare of World War I. When the soldiers climbed out of the trenches to attack the enemy they were said to be “going over the top”.

“The man who does not read books, has absolutely no advantage of the man who cannot read” – Mark Twian

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