Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome to my world!

Welcome to the launch of my blog dedicated to fun, silliness and little known facts! My blog is for fun, so if you're looking for seriousness, political comment, recipies, or even instructions on changing your're in the wrong place!

I write most of my own material, but I will also post funny things I've heard, read, etc. So if you read something here and think "...I've heard that before..." well, maybe you have!

One of my interests is the origins of sayings and expressions. For instance, do you know the origin of "giving someone the cold shoulder"? These days that means to ignore or dismiss someone. In middle ages in England, welcome guests would be served hot meals of the choiest cuts of lamb. When a guest had overstayed his welcome, the host would drop a hint by serving the lesser quality lamb shoulder, and serving it cold. So when the guest was "given the cold shoulder" he knew it was time to leave!

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